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There are lots of cards on the wall from people who have coming to the Tiki for many years, but the big board are patrons who are more than just regulars, they are legends at the Tiki-Ti, some with more than 30 years drinking at the Tiki-Ti. Michael started putting cards on the wall in the early 70's, and it started with this board of Patrons of Rare Character. The story goes that it was originaly a Wall of Shame Board that was for the LA Raiders Football Team (a promotional give away) that was soon changed from the Wall of Shame to the Patrons of Rare Character. Some of the old regulars still refer to it as the Wall of Shame! Bob Salcido was the first card every put up, sadly he and a few other loyal patrons have passed away (see Tiki Tribute).

Augie and Stella since '76 Tony with Vicky B. since '78
Ruben '79 and Elizabeth Steve since 1966
Blood & Sand drinker with Scotch
Fireman Frank '76 Debbie '79 Vicky, Stella '76
The Three Amigas Christmas 2004
Tim ‘80, Steve ’66, Rubin '79
Michael ‘79  
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