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On February 4th, 2005, the camera crew of 9 On The Town, hosted by Hunter Ellis and Lisa Jonyer on KCAL Channel 9, visited the Tiki-Ti and interviewed Michael Buhen Jr., Fireman Frank and our own Beachbum Berry. They did an excellent job of describing the Tiki-Ti and some of it’s history. Many thanks to Hunter Ellis and Lisa Joyner and special thanks to Skye Chandler the segment producer. If you missed the segment on Feb. 15, click on the link below to view the 9 On The Town segment of the Tiki-Ti. Please make sure you have Apple’s QuickTime. The segment is 240 x 340 and is about 3 min. long and about 20 megs.

QuickTime Video of the Tiki-Ti on 9 On The Town
(Opens a new pop-up window)

The cameraman, producer and sound engineer
setting up a shot at the Tiki-Ti.

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