The Ray Buhen Story

Ray Buhen Remembered
Ray’s VIP Room



What is that other door next to the men’s room and where does it lead? If for some reason you can’t get in, here's the reason why: Ray’s VIP Room is the old front door that was replaced in the late 90's with the current new metal door. The old wooden door was in the Tiki-Ti archive for many years. Just recently it was bolted to the wall where the old pay phone used to located.

Tiki-Ti  VIP Room
Dedication by Debbie Hughes on
October 27, 2003

First, I would like to thank Jerri for her insight and strong persuasive abilities. She had the insight to see a Violin Repair shop turn into a quaint Polynesian Drinking hole, in this very location, Some 43 years ago.

Second, I would like to raise my glass To the man who became known as, The finest Mixologist in L.A. Please raise your glasses with me, in honor of the late Proprietor, Ray (The Big Kahuna) Buhen.

Third, Please, raising your special concoction once again, To toast Two men who have kept the Tiki torch burning; Mike and Mike Thank you Both!
Finally, As I dedicate this "VIP" plaque Understand this…If you don't know who the above mentioned people are, OR You didn't quiet get the story…DON'T even try to go through this door You ARE NOT YET A TIKI VIP!


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